2023 6th International Conference on Manufacturing Technology and New Materials (MTNM 2023)

Welcome College of Materials Science & Engineering, Chongqing University to be the Co Organizer!

The College of Materials Science & Engineering of Chongqing University originated from the former Department of Metallurgy, the second Department of Mechanical Engineering of Chongqing University and the former Department of Building Materials Engineering of Chongqing Jianzhu University. At present, the College has two first-level disciplines: material science and engineering and metallurgical engineering, among which material science is a state key discipline and iron and steel metallurgy is a state key (cultivation) discipline. The College has three undergraduate majors, including material science and engineering, material forming and control engineering and metallurgical engineering.Currently, there are 243  on-the-job faculty members, among whom 183  are full-time teachers.There are 1,423  undergraduate students and 1,041 doctoral and postgraduate students. The College is staffed with academicians and other national high-level personnel introduced from 1000-talents plans, the Yangtze-River scholars, outstanding youth plans, and 10000-talents plan, has undertaken more than 1500 national and provincial projects including the national key projects of research and development, projects from national "973 plan", special major projects of national major instrument, and projects from international cooperation.  The College has been awarded more than 80 national and provincial awards, has built a batch of high level scientific research bases such as national engineering research center for magnesium alloys, and the international first-class electronic microscope center .

In the past five years, especially since the construction of "double first-class", under the auspice of Chongqing University, the College has made great progress in all aspects of its work. With introduction and cultivation simultaneously, the construction work of faculty team has achieved significant results, with a newly-added academician, two distinguished professors from Yangtze-River scholars, three talents from 10000-Talent plan, one national excellent youth expert, one Yangtze River youth scholar, two introduced experts from abroad, forming a leading high-level personnel community having both ability and political integrity, with multi-discipline, internationalization and reasonable optimization of age structure. The College has vigorously promoted education and teaching reform, the establishment of an international talent training system with good results. Materials science and engineering and metallurgical engineering have been approved as national first-class undergraduate major construction sites and have passed engineering education professional certification. Chongqing University - Canada UBC Material Experimental Class was founded, and all the first batch of graduates entered the top 100 world famous QS universities for postgraduate study. The long-term mechanism of all-round and multi-level postgraduate joint training was established with Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Danish University of Technology and other universities, which strongly boosted the rapid development of advantageous disciplines.The competitiveness of academic research has been greatly improved and a series of major breakthroughs have been made to serve the national major strategic needs. In 2019, the College became the first college of Chongqing University whose annual scientific research budget exceeded RMB100 million yuan.The first 3D transmission electron microscope with the functions of 3D orientation reconstruction and 3D derivative image reconstruction was developed, and the world's first spin high resolution low energy microscope was developed, by which the magnetic resolution was 7 times higher than the minimum resolution reported in international reports.As the corresponding author, the College has published many high-level academic papers in the main journals and sub-journals of Science and Nature. The College  has won 6 provincial and ministerial first prizes and 1 international prize and formulated more than 10 international and domestic standards. One innovation group was approved by the National Natural Science Foundation , two innovation teams of the important fields approved by Ministry of Science & Technology of China.  

 The College has newly founded three platforms sponsored by new national light metals research center, 111 talent-introducing base under the Ministry of Education of China, and the joint laboratory of light alloy.The SCI Journal "Journal of Magnesium and Alloys" hosted by the College has won the national first batch of leading journals, ranked fifth in the international journals, which has robustly enhanced the College’s international status.Today, the College has complete discipline orientation, a close combination of teaching and research with application, a good integration of industrial chain, among them, the characterization of light alloy materials and advanced technology show an obvious advantage, and enjoy international reputation, has become one of the world's three largest magnesium alloy development base. The ESI of material science of Chongqing University, with the College as the main body is ranked among the global top one thousand, providing important support for Chongqing University’s "double first-class" construction. The College has trained a number of outstanding talents, who have demonstrated their skills in many major national projects in many major fields, such as Mrs.Zhang Baolan, an outstanding contributor to the construction of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, and won honors for the College.

 After eighty years of journey, with the unremitting efforts of teachers and students from generation to generation, the College has developed into one of the materials colleges with a complete educational system and top overall strength in China, and has become a highland for the cultivation of innovative talents in the materials field with important international influence.