2023 6th International Conference on Manufacturing Technology and New Materials (MTNM 2023)

Welcome School of Mechatronics Engineering, Zhongyuan University of Technology to be the Co Organizer!

At present, there are 100 teaching staff in the School of Mechatronics Engineering, among them there are 2 national excellent teachers, 1 excellent experts in Henan Province,4 young backbone teachers of colleges and universities in Henan Province,18 professors(including,1 member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences,1 member of the Changjiang scholar,1 provincial distinguished professor, 1 provincial lecture professor, 1 university distinguished professor), 26 associate professors and high-level experimenters, and 40 teachers with doctor's degree. Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation specialty is the Construction point of national characteristic specialty and national pilot project of comprehensive professional reform. Industrial Design specialty is the provincial characteristic specialty. Industrial Engineering specialty is the characteristic specialty of the university. Mechatronics Engineering specialty and Vehicle Engineering specialty are the comprehensive reform pilots of the university. Mechanical Engineering is the provincial key first level discipline. Design (industrial design method and theory) is a provincial key discipline. Instrument Science and Technology is the key first level discipline of the university, and it is also the supporting discipline of new materials and high-end equipment of textile and garment, which is the advantageous characteristic discipline group of Henan Province. Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation is the post setting discipline of distinguished professor of Henan Province.

The School of Mechatronics Engineering has Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation Faculty, Mechatronics Engineering Faculty,Vehicle Engineering Faculty,Industrial Design Faculty,Industrial Engineering Faculty,Engineering Graphics Teaching and Research Office,Mechanical Design Faculty and Mechanical Experiment Center. The experimental center has many laboratories, including mechanical principle mechanical parts laboratory, mechanical design, manufacturing and automation specialty laboratory, industrial design specialty laboratory, industrial engineering specialty laboratory, mechatronics engineering specialty laboratory, vehicle engineering specialty laboratory, mechanical CAD laboratory, virtual simulation laboratory, textile mechatronics measurement and control laboratory, multipoint transmission laboratory, virtual instrument laboratory , and so on. These laboratories provide a reliable guarantee for the practical teaching and scientific research of the School of Mechatronics Engineering.

The school now has many research centers and practice bases, including the precision manufacturing equipment engineering technology research center of Henan Province,the intelligent special virtual instrument engineering technology research center of Henan Province,the provincial level modern manufacturing equipment and instrument engineering laboratory,precision manufacturing engineering technology research center of Henan university,modern manufacturing equipment and instruments open laboratory of key disciplines in Henan Universities,"Mechanical engineering experimental center" Henan mechanical engineering experimental teaching demonstration center,Henan Province "mechanical engineering" virtual simulation experiment center, precision manufacturing technology collaborative innovation center of the university and various scientific research and teaching experimental practice bases. "Mechatronics technology application" national training base for key teachers in secondary vocational schools and "Mechatronics technology application" training base of "double qualified" teachers in Henan vocational education are constructed. "Precision measurement technology and instrument" research team is the Zhengzhou science and technology innovation team.