2023 6th International Conference on Manufacturing Technology and New Materials (MTNM 2023)

Welcome School of Mechanical & Automotive Engineering. Liaocheng University to be the Co Organizer!

The School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering at Liaocheng University was founded in 2003. The college now has two master's degree programs in mechanical engineering and vehicle engineering, three undergraduate programs in mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation, mechanical and electronic engineering, and vehicle engineering, four research institutes in new energy vehicles, robots, intelligent sorting of agricultural products, and additive manufacturing, experimental teaching demonstration center (engineering training center) in Shandong Province's colleges and universities, brain intelligence control engineering research center in Shandong Province Shandong New Energy Commercial Vehicle Power and control engineering Research Center, Liaocheng High end Equipment Industry Research Institute, and Liaocheng Dongchangfu District New Energy Vehicle Engineering Research Institute are five provincial teaching and research platforms. The college adheres to the motto of "unity of knowledge and action, remarkable integrity" and has trained a large number of high-quality engineering and technical talents in the mechanical and automotive industries for the country.

The college currently has 58 faculty members, including 26 professors and associate professors, and 31 teachers with doctoral degrees. Hire 9 practical training interns, 2 special professors, and 3 industry professors. There is currently one outstanding teacher in Shandong Province, one outstanding graduate guidance teacher, one outstanding Communist Party member, one middle-aged and young expert with outstanding contributions in Liaocheng City, two leading talents in Shuicheng City, one renowned teaching teacher at Liaocheng University, two role models in teacher ethics, one "most beautiful teacher", one exemplary teacher in teaching and education, and nine "Guangyue talents". There are over 1500 full-time undergraduate and graduate students on campus.

The college focuses on talent cultivation and comprehensively improves the quality of education and teaching as well as talent cultivation. Mechanical Design and Manufacturing, Automation, and Vehicle Engineering are first-class undergraduate majors in Shandong Province. They have been approved for the "Pilot Project of Professional Comprehensive Reform" by the Ministry of Education in higher education institutions and the Shandong Province Excellent Engineer Education and Training Plan project. The Vehicle Engineering major is a key construction major of Shandong Province's characteristic universities for cultivating application-oriented talents. The Mechanical Professional Group (Mechanical Design and Manufacturing and Automation, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Vehicle Engineering) is a high-level application-oriented project construction professional group in Shandong Province. Approved 1 national first-class undergraduate course, 4 provincial-level first-class undergraduate courses, and 4 provincial-level high-quality courses. Hosted 3 provincial-level educational reform projects, and won the second prize of national teaching achievements, the special prize of provincial teaching achievements, and the special prize of school level teaching achievements. Students have participated in "Challenge Cup, Creative Youth, Internet plus, Smart Car, Robot, Mechanical Innovative Design, Engineering Training Comprehensive Ability" and other discipline competitions, and won more than 30 awards for discipline competitions above provincial level every year. The college has won multiple honorary titles such as Advanced Collective in Teaching Work, Advanced Collective in Teacher Moral Construction, and Advanced Collective in Student Work at Liaocheng University. One teacher has won the first prize in the Shandong Province Youth Teacher Teaching Competition.

The college takes disciplinary construction as the lead and scientific research as the guide, continuously improving its academic level. We have research characteristics in intelligent electric vehicles, robots, intelligent sorting of agricultural products, additive manufacturing and other technologies. We have undertaken national science and technology support plans, 863 plans, industrial technology innovation projects, natural science foundation projects, and a large number of provincial level projects. We have won one China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award, one China Industry University Research Cooperation Innovation Achievement Award, and four Shandong Province Science and Technology Progress Awards.

The college adheres to the concept of open education and actively engages in international cooperation and exchange. We have established friendly cooperative relationships with universities in Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, Singapore, and other countries. We have sent teachers abroad to study and invite foreign experts to give lectures.

The college deeply implements the basic principles and policies of the Party and the state regarding the reform and development of higher education, continues to focus on the main line of connotation development, improving quality, and highlighting characteristics, continuously strengthens the construction of disciplines and majors, and makes greater contributions to the high-quality development of the school and regional economic and social development.