2023 6th International Conference on Manufacturing Technology and New Materials (MTNM 2023)

Welcome Dr. ​Josephine Ying Chyi Liew, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia to be the Publication Chair!


Dr. Josephine Ying Chyi Liew, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

Dr. Josephine Liew Ying Chyi is currently a senior lecturer at Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, UPM. She is also an Interim Research Associates at Materials Synthesis and Characterization Laboratory (MSCL) in Institute of Advanced Technology, ITMA, UPM. Her major research involves synthesis, characterization and utilization of chalcogenide semiconductor materials for solar cell and light emitting diode applications. Her works involve synthesizing polycrytstalline chalcogenide semiconductor via various methods of preparation and characterizing the resulting materials in powder and thin film. The characterization involved structural, morphological, electrical, optical and thermal properties of the synthesized chalcogenide semiconductor materials. She joined the School of Chemistry, University of Birmingham, UK in 2015 – 2017 as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow where she focused on synthesizing organic-inorganic perovskite nanoparticles for solar cell and LED application. She has contributed more than 50 research articles in journals and proceedings. Currently she is a life member of Malaysian Solid State Science and Technology (MASS) and Malaysia Society for Non Destructive Testing (MSNT).

Josephine Liew Ying Chyi博士目前是马来西亚博特拉大学理学院物理系的高级讲师。她还是麻省理工学院高级技术学院材料合成与表征实验室(MSCL)的临时研究员。她的主要研究涉及用于太阳能电池和发光二极管应用的硫族化合物半导体材料的合成、表征和利用。她的工作包括通过各种制备方法合成多晶硫族化合物半导体,并将所得材料表征为粉末和薄膜。表征包括合成的硫系半导体材料的结构、形态、电学、光学和热财产。她于2015-2017年加入英国伯明翰大学化学学院,担任博士后研究员,专注于合成用于太阳能电池和LED应用的有机-无机钙钛矿纳米颗粒。她在期刊和论文集上发表了50多篇研究文章。目前,她是马来西亚固态科学技术协会(MASS)和马来西亚无损检测协会(MSNT)的终身会员。